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Relation between XSL and DOM

Subject: Relation between XSL and DOM
From: "Amit Rekhi" <amitr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 17:37:55 +0530

            I have just started reading the XSL spec. and am in a little
doubt. Kindly excuse me if the doubt happens to very basic :-)
            The XSL spec. provides a pattern rule which specifies a pattern
and a template:-

PATTERN :- This will help specify a pattern/sequence of XML elements from
the source XML file.


* In this scenario of patterns , where exactly does DOM fit in?

* Are DOM interfaces being used by XSL patterns to select specific XML
elements from the source XSL file?
The XSL processor makes a tree of the source XML file before processing it.
So I feel that when selecting patterns to match with templates , the
processor uses DOM interfaces (or may be converting the match = "" syntax
into DOM interfaces ) to selectively extract XML elements from the XML
source tree before it applies templates to them. Am I right?

                                                            Thanks in
advance for any answers,


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