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Styling Problems

Subject: Styling Problems
From: Bernd.Loepmeier@xxxxxx
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 15:59:49 +0100

I am working on a very simple example for the use of XSL-Stylesheets
together with XML-DATA in IE4 with ActiveXControl.

I have programmed a little search routine in JavaScript that searches an
XML-File. The XML-file contains only the informations of 3 CDs (ARTIST,
You can look at the example at:

There you can find the files: cd.xml cd.xsl and cd.html.

You can search for the Title "Die Flut" and  select one Stylesheet (note:
only the first works  now) that appears in the bottom frame.

When I have found e.g. the Title I have searched for I want to let only
this title appear in another color.

Microsoft gives for this the following on its page:
http://www.microsoft.com/xml/articles/xmlmodel.asp :

if (elem.type == 1)  // if the node is atext node
     elem.text = "This is an element";        //replaces the text of the
element  whith the string in "  "

If this would work I could change my XML-DATA  in the way that I insert
e.g. "<FONT COLOR="RED">Die Flut</FONT COLOR> in the XML-TAG "TRACK".
When I trie to change the XML-File in that way I always get an error.

Does anyone know how to replace the text between the open and close TAGs in
a XML-File?

I am very thankful for help.


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