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RE: Hyperlinks and XSL

Subject: RE: Hyperlinks and XSL
From: Ed Nixon <ed.nixon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 19:23:52 -0400

So. That means: replace '&gt;' with '>' or 'ye cain't git thr frm hr'?

ps: Langston Hughes? Obviously not from Saskatchewan.

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Subject:	Re: Hyperlinks and XSL

Ed Nixon wrote:
> Just from memory with absolutely no guarantees. The entities for less-than and
> greater-than may or may not be necessary; I'm not familiar with the proposal
> sufficiently to say. 

This won't do what you want it to. The &gt; will be passed into the output
as &gt;. It isn't possible to turn character data in the stylesheet into
markup in the XML output. Character data is character data, markup is
markup. Elements in the output can only be created with "literal elements"
in the stylesheet.

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