Interface ActionsProvider

    • Method Detail

      • getGlobalActions

        java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.Object> getGlobalActions()
        Get the map of global actions usually mounted on the main menu.
        The map with (action id, Action) pairs.
      • registerAction

        void registerAction​(java.lang.String actionID,
                            java.lang.Object action,
                            java.lang.String defaultKeyStroke)
        Register a new global action. The action shortcut will be visible in the Oxygen menu shortcut keys table. If the action uses a shortcut which is not used by other Oxygen actions, the shortcut will work even if you do not add the action to an existing menu.
        actionID - The action ID. An unique ID which you provide for your action...
        action - The action. It must be an instance of javax.swing.Action. It can have a default keystroke...
        defaultKeyStroke - The default action key stroke string representation. You can use platform-dependent strokes like "Ctrl Alt X" or platform-independent strokes like "M1 M3 X" where:
        • M1 represents the Command key on MacOS X, and the Ctrl key on other platforms.
        • M2 represents the Shift key.
        • M3 represents the Option key on MacOS X, and the Alt key on other platforms.
        • M4 represents the Ctrl key on MacOS X, and is undefined on other platforms.
      • unregisterAction

        void unregisterAction​(java.lang.String actionID)
        Unregister a global action.
        actionID - The action ID.