Interface WSAuthorEditorPage

    • Method Detail

      • getDocumentController

        AuthorDocumentController getDocumentController()
        Returns the Author document controller. It has methods for changing the document model.
        The controller for Author document. Cannot be null.
      • getTableAccess

        AuthorTableAccess getTableAccess()
        Returns the author table access provider responsible for obtaining table related information and executing table actions.
        The table related information and actions provider. Cannot be null.
      • getChangeTrackingController

        AuthorChangeTrackingController getChangeTrackingController()
        The change tracking controller used to toggle change tracking on and off and check its state.
        The change tracking controller. Cannot be null.
      • getReviewController

        AuthorReviewController getReviewController()
        Controller that can be used to toggle the change tracking state, modify the review highlight author name, the highlight painting or to obtain information about the properties used in the serialization and representation of the review highlight (author name, reviewer auto color or the current time stamp in a format identical to the one used by Oxygen for insert, delete and comment markers).
        The review controller. Cannot be null.
      • getOptionsStorage

        OptionsStorage getOptionsStorage()
        The object that manages the options stored for author extensions. This is also responsible for adding and removing listeners that are notified about the option changes.
        The object that manages the options stored for author extensions.
      • getOutlineAccess

        AuthorOutlineAccess getOutlineAccess()
        Get the author Outline access providing Outline related information.
        The Outline related informations and actions provider. Cannot be null.
      • getAuthorAccess

        AuthorAccess getAuthorAccess()
        Access class to the author functions. The WSAuthorEditorPage has most of the methods which can also be found in the AuthorAccess. This method is offered only as an useful way to have utility methods which take AuthorAccess as a parameter and to use them both from a plugin and from a framework. Provides access to specific components corresponding to editor, document, workspace, tables, change tracking and utility informations and actions.
        The author access.