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MusicXML™ W3C XML schema

Version 2.0 Strict Beta 1 - 6 June 2008

Copyright © 2004-2008 Recordare LLC.

This MusicXML™ work is being provided by the copyright holder under the MusicXML Document Type Definition Public License Version 2.0, available from:

This W3C XML Schema is a stricter version of the MusicXML 2.0 language than the DTD definition. Validation is tightened by moving MusicXML definitions from comments into schema data types and definitions. Character entities and other entity usages that are not supported in W3C XML Schema have also been removed. However, the features of W3C XML Schema make it easier to define variations of the MusicXML format, either via extension or restriction.

This file defines the MusicXML 2.0 schema, including the document elements score-partwise and score-timewise.
The score is the root element for the schema. It includes the score-header group, followed either by a series of parts with measures inside (score-partwise) or a series of measures with parts inside (score-timewise). Having distinct top-level elements for partwise and timewise scores makes it easy to ensure that an XSLT stylesheet does not try to transform a document already in the desired format.
attribute form default: unqualified
element form default: qualified
Schema location file:/C:/Users/mihai/Desktop/MusicXML-Schema/musicxml.xsd