[oXygen-user] oXygen 21.x running on Windows: Is there a way to make icons smaller?

Oxygen XML Editor Support (Adrian Buza) support at oxygenxml.com
Mon Dec 16 08:07:32 CST 2019


I'm guessing you have scaling (size of apps and text) set to 150% or
more in the Windows Display settings (Settings > System > Display, Scale
and layout). Could you please confirm what scaling setting you are
currently using?

Oxygen has only two sets of resources (icons), one for 100% (1x) and one
for 200% (2x) scaling (twice as big). In v20.1 and older for any system
scaling value lower than 200% Oxygen picked the smaller resources, so
even though you had 150% or 175% (or even 199%) scaling in Windows,
Oxygen still used the 100% (1x) resources. Only the text was adjusted
according to the Windows scaling. Many users in this situation
complained that icons are too small and toolbar buttons are difficult to
click, so*starting with v21.0 we decided to use the 200% (2x) resources
when ***system scaling is *150% or higher.*

So, if you are in this range of 150%-199% scaling, switching from Oxygen
v20.1 or older to v21 will seem that everything is twice as big in the
new version. For 150% I'm guessing there may be some situations (e.g.
tree views) where icons overlap a little since they are a bit larger
than their placeholders.

*While it's not user friendly, you can still switch the icons to be 100%
(1x)*, like in v20.1, if the current setup bothers you. Create a file
named 'custom_commons.vmoptions' with the following argument
For your convenience, I've created and attached the file with the
mentioned argument.
Copy/Move this file to the Oxygen installation folder (you will need
admin rights to allow write access to the Oxygen folder from "Program

Please let me know if you need additional assistance.


On 14.12.2019 14:06, Kristen James Eberlein wrote:
> I'd like to move to oXygen 21.x, but I'm being blocked by the size of
> the icons. In the screen capture below, you can see how little room I
> have for editing ...
> Is there an option to use smaller icons? Did I do something wrong in
> the installation?
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> Best,
> Kris
> Kristen James Eberlein
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