[oXygen-user] Non-breaking spaces in fragments via framework

Christian Achter christian.achter at germ.unibe.ch
Thu Dec 5 09:39:00 CST 2019

Dear mailinglist members,

this might be a trivial problem, but even after a longer research I 
haven't found a solution to it. I try to insert a non-breaking space via 
a button created by a framework.

I use the following code within an <action>:

         <field name="xpathCondition">
         <field name="argValues">
         <field name="operationID">

I added a placeholder CODE_FOR_THE_NON-BREAKING_SPACE above to show you 
were I want to fill in my non-breaking space.

I tried   which caused my whole framework to NOT be read by Oxygen 
XML Author.
I tried   which just created a regular space.
I tried &#160; which just created exactly these characters as a 
string in my XML document.
I tried several other things which all didn't work.

What do I have to put between my opening and closing <String> tags?

Thanks in advance and kind regards
Christian Achter

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