[oXygen-user] Differences in CSS counters between Author and Web Author

Jirka Kosek jirka at kosek.cz
Mon Oct 15 12:28:48 CDT 2018

On 5.10.2018 15:56, Cristi Talau wrote:
> If you change the CSS from
> chapter > title:before {
>    counter-reset: figure sect1_count;
> }
> to
> chapter {
>    counter-reset: figure sect1_count;
> }

Hi Cristian,

thanks for hint. Unfortunately this was not sufficient to fix the issue.
I had to use

chapter  {
  counter-reset: figure example sect1_count !important;

The reason is that DocBook framework in elements.css contains the
following rule:

chapter:root {

Selector "chapter:root" is more specific then "chapter" and thus new
rule for chapter defining proper counter scope has been ignored. I'm not
sure why elements.css is using "chapter:root" instead of just "chapter".
If there is no reason for using :root then I think it would be better
not to use it as counter-reset properties are not combined for multiple

Thanks and have a nice day,


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