[oXygen-user] Location of XSpec framework

Christophe Marchand cmarchand at oxiane.com
Fri Oct 12 04:34:36 CDT 2018


I use oXygen 20.1, with XSpec add-on. I try to modify framework to test 
XSpec enhancements in oXygen.

It seems the framework is at two different locations (I use a MacBook Pro) :

  * /Users/<me>/Library/Preferences/com.oxygenxml.developer/extensions/v20.1/frameworks/https___raw.githubusercontent.com_xspec_oXygen_XML_editor_xspec_support_master_build_update_site.xml/xspec.support-1.0.1
  * /Applications/Oxygen XML Developer/frameworks/xspec

Am I correct ?

How do I know wich framework is used ?

Best regards,

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