[oXygen-user] Differences in CSS counters between Author and Web Author

Jirka Kosek jirka at kosek.cz
Thu Oct 4 04:35:04 CDT 2018


I'm creating customized CSS stylesheet for DocBook based vocabulary. In
Author I need to prepend Figure X.Y label before each figure title.
Where X is chapter number and Y is number of figure inside chapter.
I'm doing this by providing additional styleheet in framework that is
extending DocBook framework:

figure > title:before {
  content: "Figure " counter(chapter_count) "." counter(figure) " ";

figure {
  counter-increment: figure;

chapter > title:before {
   counter-reset: figure sect1_count;

This works as expected in desktop Author. However in Web Author figure
number is being reset for each section, so for example for document like

    <figure>  <!-- 1.1 -->
    <figure>  <!-- 1.2 -->

Web Author labels both figures as 1.1.

I have briefly looked into HTML/CSS code of Web Author and it seems that
you are somehow preprocessing Author CSS stylesheet for browser and this
particular case is not handled properly.

I suppose there is no easy workaround for this, but perhaps next version
of Web Author could fix this ;-)

Many thanks and have a nice day,


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