[oXygen-user] Displaying non breaking spaces in Author view

Jirka Kosek jirka at kosek.cz
Thu Jun 28 02:37:32 CDT 2018

On 28.6.2018 7:42, Oxygen XML Editor Support (Radu Coravu) wrote:
> I tested and this setting should work in both the Text and Author
> editing modes.
> I tested by having an HTML document with the NBSP (decimal 160)
> character inserted in a paragraph. But depending on the font used for
> the Author editing mode (Preferences->Fonts) it might not be that easy
> to see the little symbol there, for example in my case the little symbol
> is very close to the character on the left making it not stand out. 

Hi Radu,

indeed you were right. Symbol is there but as it is much smaller in font
I use in Author than in font I use in Text I have missed it. But once
you know what you are looking for display is OK. Sorry for the noise and


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