[oXygen-user] Displaying non breaking spaces in Author view

Jirka Kosek jirka at kosek.cz
Wed Jun 27 08:00:17 CDT 2018


is there some way how to make Author to visually differentiate between
normal spaces and non-breaking ones? For example in MS Word you can turn
on displaying of such characters and non-breaking spaces then show small
circle in their area. I know that Unicode code of character under the
cursor is displayed in a status bar, but customer wants this feature and
so far I haven't found anything in oXygen that would allow for this.

I have found only partial solution  -- if non-breaking spaces will be
entered as entity   then I can use something like
oxy|entity[name='nbsp'] { ... } in CSS to make visual distinction.
However this wouldn't work if non-breaking space is directly entered as
Unicode character.

Any hints more then welcomed.


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