[oXygen-user] Fast create topics with specific topic types and templates?

Yves Barbion yves.barbion at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 08:58:20 CDT 2018

Hi group

I really like the fast create topic feature in oXygen XML Author to add
empty topics ("stub files") to a ditamap.

What would be even nicer, however, is the option to specify different topic
types for the new topics, for example:

   - topic 1 = concept topic [my_concept_topic_template.dita]
      - topic 2 = task topic [my_task_topic_template.dita]
      - topic 3 = task topic [my_task_topic_template.dita]
      - topic 4 = reference topic [my_reference_topic_template.dita]
      - topic 5 = concept topic [some_other_concept_topic_template.dita]

The new topics currently use the "default" topic templates, so it would
also be nice to use specific topic templates (which are referenced in the
square brackets in the example above).

I know you can "convert" the topic types afterwards, but this may be not so
easy with task topics. And sometimes, we use different prefixes for file
names of given topics (co_ for concept, ta_ for task, re_ for reference...).

Maybe some ideas for oxygen XML Author 20.2? ;-)


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