[oXygen-user] Consolidate framework definition from two places

Andreas Wagner Andreas.Wagner at em.uni-frankfurt.de
Wed Jun 13 06:45:52 CDT 2018

Dear all,

Some time ago I have configured a document type framework with  
actions, menus, styles etc. I have packed it as an extension and  
installed it.

Developing it further, I now have the impression that my subsequent  
edits have been stored in my project options file (proj.xpr) in a  
format that diverges significantly from that in which the framework is  
defined (doctype.framework). To be able to re-distribute my changes as  
before, do I need to move them from one to the other file somehow? I  
think it would be possible to just distribute the framework plus the  
project options file in my extension, but it looks more orderly to  
have all the framework information in one file and not rely on some  
ex-post patching that oxygen does when merging settings from the two  

I am not sure I have made myself clear. In short, the question is:  
When I have patched my document type framework extension per  
project-specific options, can I move those changes back to the  
original framework definition?

Thanks and best regards,


Dr. Andreas Wagner
Project "The School of Salamanca"
Academy of Sciences and of Literature, Mainz
and Institute of Philosophy
Goethe University Frankfurt/Main

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60629 Frankfurt am Mainz
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