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Pierre Attar pat at tireme.fr
Mon Oct 10 10:12:53 CDT 2016


Do you have any information on the availability of the 18.1 release ?

Best regards, Pierre

Le 28/09/2016 à 16:42, Oxygen XML Editor Support (Adrian Buza) a écrit :
> Dear oXygen users,
> We are happy to announce that version 18.1 of oXygen XML Editor is 
> close to being released.
> We have decided to offer a beta version prior to the final release to 
> give you the opportunity to send us your feedback on the new features.
> Below, please see information about:
> * Downloading - oXygen 18.1 beta downloading links and notes
> * Licensing - a trial license key for testing
> * What's new - a summary of the most important new features in version 
> 18.1
> = Downloading =
> Editor: https://www.oxygenxml.com/beta18_1/oxygenxml_editor.html
> Important Notes:
> - This build is meant for testing and evaluation purposes only. Do not 
> use it for production work.
> - You should install this beta version in a different directory than 
> your current Oxygen installation. For Windows, we also recommend that 
> you disable file associations during the installation to preserve your 
> current Oxygen file associations with the various XML file types.
> - You may encounter some bugs in this beta version. If you find one, 
> it'll be greatly appreciated if you could report it to us here:
> https://www.oxygenxml.com/techSupport.html
> - This beta version comes with no warranty. Please use it at your own 
> risk. It is therefore up to you to take adequate precaution against 
> possible damages resulting from the use of this beta software.
> = Licensing =
> If you already have a license key for Oxygen XML Editor with an active 
> SMP, it will also work for this beta version. If you don't have one, a 
> registration dialog box will open and you can use the following trial 
> license key:
> ------START-LICENSE-KEY------
> Registration_Name=Beta 18.1
> Company=
> Category=Enterprise
> Component=XML-Editor, XSLT-Debugger, Saxon-SA
> Version=18
> Number_of_Licenses=1
> Date=09-15-2016
> Trial=31
> SGN=MCwCFDT7yh6jdxEXW+hBKLVE8gAZlZ5RAhQHasbikf65HICPaXFZ9eX5Nd828w\=\=
> -------END-LICENSE-KEY-------
> = What's new in Oxygen XML Editor 18.1 =
> For the full list of new features and changes in v18.1, please see:
> https://www.oxygenxml.com/whatisnew18.1.html
> Visual XML Editing
> New Form Controls for Rendering and Playing Video and Audio Media
> Three powerful new form controls were added that allow you to render 
> and play media in Author mode. The oxy_video form control can be used 
> to play video files, the oxy_browser form control can be used to 
> render an HTML page or SVG file, and the oxy_audio form control can 
> play audio clips.
> Implement Custom "Heavy" Form Controls
> oXygen now provides support for Heavy form controls. This new type of 
> form control allows you to play video and audio resources, and render 
> HTML or SVG resources. You can also implement your own custom form 
> controls based on the new Heavy architecture.
> Convert Paragraphs to List Items and Change List Item Type
> When editing DITA, DocBook, XHTML, or TEI documents, you can easily 
> convert selected paragraphs to list items by using the various Insert 
> List Item actions on the toolbar. You can also change selected list 
> items to another type (for example, change an unordered list to an 
> ordered list).
> Smart Paste Handles Internal Links in Office Documents
> The Smart Paste feature has been improved to preserve links to other 
> parts of the same document, when pasting content from Office documents 
> into Author mode. Links are converted to cross references for the 
> particular document type that you are working with.
> Improvements to Paste Strategies in Tables
> The strategies for the behavior of the paste mechanism when pasting 
> content in table cells has been improved. Now, copied cells are pasted 
> while preserving their initial order and spacing.
> Support for Video and Audio Media Objects
> oXygen now includes actions to easily insert video or audio content 
> within DITA topics. The oXygen visual editing Author mode will not 
> only display the media content, but also allow you to play it 
> in-place. On the publishing side, oXygen comes with a DITA-OT plugin 
> that will enable the multimedia content to appear in HTML and PDF output.
> Embed Video and Audio Media in DITA to WebHelp Output
> You can insert references to video and audio media resources (such as 
> YouTube videos) in your DITA topics and publish them to WebHelp 
> output. The embedded video and audio objects can be played directly in 
> all HTML5-based outputs, including WebHelp systems.
> Improve Speed for Computing Topic Titles
> The amount of time it takes to compute topic titles in the DITA Maps 
> Manager view was reduced as oXygen accesses multiple topics in the 
> same time to extract the title information.
> New Action for Duplicating Topics
> There is now a new contextual menu action in the DITA Maps Manager 
> view called Duplicate that creates a copy of the selected topic and 
> insert it as a sibling. It is helpful for quickly creating a new DITA 
> topics that is similar to an existing topic.
> Lightweight DITA Improvements
> The Lightweight DITA DTDs were updated to the latest version. Also, 
> you can now use the new Insert Media action to insert references to 
> video or audio resources when editing Lightweight DITA documents.
> Tracked Changes and Comments Can Be Displayed in PDF Output
> You now have the ability to display tracked changes and comments in 
> DITA to PDF output. This can be done by simply setting a parameter in 
> the transformation scenario.
> Validate and Check for Completeness Command Line Tool
> A new command line tool was added that executes a Validate and Check 
> for Completeness operation on a specified DITA map. The results are 
> displayed in the command console (for example, whether or not the 
> validation was successful, the number of errors or warnings, or you 
> can even specify to display the entire report). The tool requires an 
> oXygen Scripting license.
> Markdown Editor
> New Markdown Editor
> oXygen now includes a built-in Markdown editor that allows you to 
> write and edit documents using Markdown syntax and converts it to HTML 
> or DITA. The specialized multi-pane editor includes a preview panel to 
> help you visualize the final output. The editor includes a variety of 
> helpful actions, automatic validation, syntax highlighting to make it 
> easier to read and write, and specialized syntax rules that combine 
> popular features from several specifications.
> Create Markdown Documents Directly from DITA Maps Manager
> The Markdown editing support includes unique features that allow you 
> to create Markdown documents directly in DITA maps (from the DITA Maps 
> Manager) and to convert Markdown documents to DITA topics.
> Content Completion
> Improved Precision for Content Completion
> oXygen allows you to set a configuration file to control the content 
> completion proposals for elements presented in the Content Completion 
> Assistant. Now, you can identify more precisely the elements you want 
> to control, by being able to check attributes and attribute values on 
> those elements.
> Improved Content Completion for XPath and XQuery
> The Content Completion Assistant for XPath and XQuery was updated to 
> take into account the latest additions in XPath 3.0 and XQuery 3.0. 
> For example, new functions are now offered though content completion, 
> such as empty-sequence, document-node, item, comment, namespace-node, 
> and processing-instruction - just to name a few.
> File Comparison Tool
> More Accurate Second Level Comparisons on XML Nodes
> When using the XML Fast and XML Accurate algorithms for two-way or 
> three-way comparisons, the second level comparison is now processed 
> using a syntax-aware comparison that splits the files or fragments 
> into sequences of tokens and computes the differences between them. 
> This results in a more accurate second level comparison.
> Improvements to the Format and Indent Action
> The Format and Indent action in the File Comparison tool now works on 
> more file types. You can now use the action on the following types of 
> files: XQuery, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, RNC, XSD, RNG, NVDL, XML, ANT, 
> DITAMap, WSDL, SVG, Schematron, XProc, XSL, and HTML.
> As usual, oXygen also added many new API and component updates for 
> this release.
> Please let us know if you encounter any problems with this beta build. 
> All feedback is welcome!
> Best regards,
> Adrian
> Adrian Buza
> oXygen XML Editor and Author Support
> Tel: +1-650-352-1250 ext.2020
> Fax: +40-251-461482
> support at oxygenxml.com
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