[oXygen-user] Multilingual Schematron messages?

Tony Graham
Tue Jan 12 10:12:37 CST 2016

On 12/01/2016 12:24, Octavian Nadolu wrote:
> The localization options are defined in the Schematron specification.
>  You can use the diagnostic element to specify the message in
> multiple languages. http://www.schematron.com/iso/P8.html#GEN17
> There is also an example of a multilingual schema in the Annex G of
> the Schematron specification:
> http://www.schematron.com/iso/P27.html#GEN39

I'm afraid that supports me rather than you.  I added that <diagnostics>
to the Schematron and referred to it from an existing <assert>.  The
result was the same as the last time that I tried it. The error message
was the text from the <assert> plus the text from both <diagnostic>:

    name="author-title" cannot be used when axf:document-info with
    name="xmp" is present. Diagnostics: [d1] A dog should have a
    bone. [d2] Das Hund muss ein Bein haben.

And that's with 'xml:lang="en"' on the <fo:root>.

Putting all of the languages in the one file isn't the best idea anyway
since (a) it becomes hard to identify when a change to the file is a
change to the text in the base language, and (b) the one file gets
changed myriad times as translations catch up with changes in the base
text (which makes '(a)' harder).


Tony Graham.
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