[oXygen-user] oXygen to WordPress

Ben McGinnes
Mon Jan 4 16:33:25 CST 2016

	So I stumbled across this post from a couple of years ago:


Basically just asking for a feature to update a WordPress blog and
said request being forwarded along.  I've got two questions:

1) Did it become a feature?

2) If not, now that WordPress supplies an optional JSON based REST
   API, could the request be revisited since it ought to make it
   easier to make the two things play nicely together?

WordPress API documentation:


I've only looked at it briefly, but it's REST so it can't be that
hard, not as far as communicating with the server is concerned, at any
rate.  I've done a few client-side interaction things like this at
times; mainly grabbing Bitcoin and/or currency live data and playing
with the Twitter API so from my perspective the worst case scenario is
making the right HTML template to play nicely at the other end and
adding a few Python scripts (well, of course, by now everyone saw
*that* language preference coming).  Still, there's a lot to be said
for "point and click" if it just works.

Although the Github repositories also include command line tools and a
console for the thing, so chances are integration could be reduced to
calling the relevant commands to do whatever.  The rough edges at the
moment appear to be limited to generating the OAuth credentials, but
that's not a huge chore for most WordPress admins.


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