[oXygen-user] Duplicate topic: handy but... same ID

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Thu Dec 1 05:32:01 CST 2016

Hi Yves,

According to the DITA specs the topic ID only needs to be unique in the 
context of the topic file. Indeed some of our users may define and 
regard topic IDs as unique in the entire DITA Map context, maybe use it 
for example as some kind of resource ID.
Thing is that we cannot generate the topic ID automatically exactly as 
the user would want it. So we do not know exactly how to approach this 
Do you usually set your topic IDs manually? What pattern do you use? Do 
you use for example the file name? Or do you use an unique generated ID?


Radu Coravu
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On 12/1/2016 1:06 PM, Yves Barbion wrote:
> Hi group
> I really like the Duplicate feature in oXygenXML Author/Editor 18.1,
> which I use to duplicate a topic in a DITA map and add the topicref to
> the DITA map in one go. But... I see that the duplicated topic has the
> same ID, which may present problems when the topic is referenced. So,
> the author has to remember to remove the duplicate ID and generate a new
> unique ID on the duplicated topic. Or is there a way to get a unique ID
> on the duplicated topic automatically?
> Thanks
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> Yves Barbion
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