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Wed Aug 3 05:52:31 CDT 2016

Hi Lou,

An operating system has both physical fonts and logical fonts. A logical 
font can map various parts of its range to various other physical fonts:

> https://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/2d/text/fonts.html

Oxygen is a Java application and it has access to an array of fonts, 
some logical (like "Monospaced" and "Serif") and other physical.
So "Monospaced" probably uses a variety of physical fonts for various 
character range intervals. But as an application running on top of this 
abstraction we do not really know how the operating system combines 
ranges for a monospaced font.


Radu Coravu
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On 8/3/2016 1:33 PM, Lou Burnard wrote:
> When I look at the dialogue for setting fonts, it says that by default i
> am using a font family called "Monospaced" for the editor. How can I
> find out which actual font is being used? (I'd like to know because it
> seems to have many characters which other fonts don't, notably OCS
> characters). Or is it a font specific to oXygen?
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