[oXygen-user] Automatic Validation - in text mode, in Eclipse release of oXygen

Echlin, Robert
Thu Nov 5 09:49:30 CST 2015

I have developed some schematron rules to apply to DITA content for our staff.

We use the IXIASOFT CMS Client, which means that we are using oXygen inside of Eclipse.
When I open a file in Author Mode, the schematron rules are applied automatically.
Red and yellow underlines flag the items considered invalid by the Schematron rules.

When I switch to editing the file in Text mode, the Schematron rules are not applied automatically.
I have to manually run validation.

We are behind in the IXIASOFT releases, so we are using Eclipse 3.5.2 and oXygen 16.1.

Is there a setting I can change to fix this?
Is this fixed in oXygen 17.1?
Is it fixed in newer versions of Eclipse?

All my very best,

Rob Echlin, Documentation Systems Architect, Wind River
Office: 613-270-5796, Cell: 613-266-8311, Skype: rob.echlin.wr

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