[oXygen-user] Validating CSS

David Birnbaum
Tue May 26 04:09:31 CDT 2015

Dear Alex (cc oxygen-user list),

Thank you for the quick response. I wonder whether it might be possible to
use checkboxes instead of a single selection, so that users could combine
profiles selectively according to their specific needs.

I also wonder, though, about the possibility of associating a CSS profile
in <oXygen/> with a specific CSS stylesheet document, that is, at finer
granularity than is available through project-level or global preferences.
I have a project that uses multiple stylesheets, some that contain just
HTML5 selectors and some that mix HTML5 selectors with SVG selectors. I can
put those stylesheets in different projects and specify different CSS
profiles that way, but they really belong in the same project for other
reasons, and in the non-SVG CSS files I'd want to raise an error if, for
example, I specify a "width" value as a non-zero number without a unit of
measurement, although that wouldn't be an error in an SVG context. This
organization would be analogous to having different schemas for different
XML documents in the project; here there would be different CSS profiles
for different CSS documents in the project. I realize that there are other
complications (e.g., validating inline or otherwise embedded CSS within an
XML document), though, so I'm not sure how practical this idea would turn
out to be.



> Currently there is no solution to this problem. I will ad an issue to
> find a solution to such a situation. Perhaps a new entry in the profile
> combo that will state "All known profiles".

> > I have an HTML5 document (XML syntax) with inline SVG and I'd like to
> > associate a single external stylesheet with it that specifies both
> > CSS3 and SVG properties. The <oXygen/> documentation at
> >
> http://www.oxygenxml.com/doc/versions/17.0/ug-author/index.html#topics/preferences-css-validator.html
> ,
> > which matches what I see in my configuration options, seems willing to
> > allow me to select CSS3 or SVG, but not both simultaneously. Is there
> > a way to obtain the sort of validation I'm looking for? I can choose
> > CSS3 in the option menu and ignore the error messages for the SVG
> > properties, but I'd rather have the benefit of validating both.
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