[oXygen-user] Default zoom factor in oXygen XML Editor 17

Yves Barbion
Thu May 21 09:08:10 CDT 2015

Hi group

Is there a way to reset or revert to the default zoom factor in oXygen XML
Editor 17? In one of the DITA topics I was editing, I zoomed in to, say 150
% (or something). I did so by holding down the CTRL key and using the
scroll wheel on my mouse.

Every topic I open or create from now on seems to be displayed at this zoom
factor. I have tried to reset my "layout" (workspace) and to quit and
restart oXygen, but that does not seem to help. I also looked up "zoom" in
the oXygen preferences and in the Help file, but I didn't find anything
relevant there.


Yves Barbion
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