[oXygen-user] Parameter substitution in global grouped SQF fixes

Amanda Galtman
Tue Dec 22 11:29:16 CST 2015


I've read in the Schematron Quick Fixes spec that a fix definition or fix group can be global inside <sqf:fixes> or it can be local inside a given Schematron <rule> element. I am seeing cases where a fix group with an abstract parameter works as expected when the fix is inside <rule>, but the parameter substitution does not happen when the fix is inside <sqf:fixes>. The Schematron part of the substitution works as expected, so the problem seems restricted to the quick-fix. The substitution also works when I don't group fixes inside <sqf:group>.

The April 2015 draft of the SQF spec says "To be done" in the "Variables and parameter" section. I am not sure whether I'm doing something wrong, or whether the implementation is incomplete. I'm hoping someone on the list knows more.

Here's a simple test case that you can put inside the DocBook 5.0 RelaxNG schema. (The "s" namespace is http://purl.oclc.org/dsdl/schematron and I also had to add the sqf namespace definition.)

    <sqf:group id="testfix">
      <sqf:fix id="testfix1">
        <sqf:param name="expectedrolevalue" abstract="true"/>
          <sqf:title>Set role=$expectedrolevalue</sqf:title>
          <sqf:p>Set the role attribute to the value '$expectedrolevalue'.</sqf:p>
        <sqf:add node-type="attribute" target="role">$expectedrolevalue</sqf:add>
  <s:pattern abstract="true" id="testcase_ABSTRACT">
    <s:rule context="db:para/db:$childname">
      <s:assert test="@role='$expectedrolevalue'" sqf:fix="testfix">Expected role attribute to be set to $expectedrolevalue.</s:assert>           
  <s:pattern is-a="testcase_ABSTRACT">
    <s:param name="childname" value="literal"/>
    <s:param name="expectedrolevalue" value="blah"/>

The quick fix doesn't properly substitute "blah" for $expectedrolevalue. But it does if you either remove <sqf:group> and change id="testfix1" to id="testfix", OR move the entire <sqf:group> element into <s:rule>.


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