[oXygen-user] FTP from inside XProc in oXygen?

Wendell Piez
Fri Dec 11 11:13:38 CST 2015

Fellow oXygen connoisseurs,

I have attached an FTP site to my Data Source Explorer, which makes me
happy, as it is easy to upload results of my XProc Transformation
Scenario to my site just by copying from the Project view.

What I wonder is whether this operation could not be simplified even
further. This process in particular is an XProc pipeline, which
generates some results and creates others by moving static resources
in the file system. (So p:store and p:zip are involved, it's not just
binding pipeline results.)

If I could configure either or both the Transformation Scenario or the
XProc itself to write to my (authenticated) FTP server, I would be

I would welcome any hints or ideas. Thanks!

Cheers, Wendell

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