[oXygen-user] xd:doc documentation generation and maven

Christophe Marchand
Wed Dec 9 02:55:35 CST 2015

Thanks Ken, for these informations. It sounds it is a good start point 
for my needs.
I will work on this, and then I'll come back on the list to explain 
what's done.

Thanks again, Ken, for your help.

Best regards,

Le 08/12/2015 21:14, G. Ken Holman a écrit :
> You don't mention if by "automate" you mean simply to infer a report 
> about the structure, or whether you mean to publish embedded 
> documentation as a step in the process.
> Back in 2004 I published XSLT documentation scaffolding in which one 
> uses either DocBook, DITA or XHTML for the prose constructs. A 
> stylesheet then reads the top XSLT stylesheet and reports on the 
> entire import/include tree, all named constructs (an alphabetized 
> hyperlinked index) and all embedded documentation.  The stylesheet 
> also enforces what I think are important XSLT stylesheet writing 
> "business rules" to improve the quality of the stylesheets for 
> different uses.
> For example, you mention an "XSL Library".  I believe an XSLT library 
> should use namespace-qualified names for each and every global named 
> construct.  This ensures it can be safely used in anyone else's 
> stylesheet without any risk of messing with global=context constructs 
> and modes.  Miss one name and a user can mess up the library, so my 
> business rules flag any global name that is not namespace-qualified.
> In my experience of looking at XSLT stylesheets written by others for 
> clients, I have never seen anyone else take advantage of this 
> important language feature.  I think it is critically important for 
> libraries of template rules.  I tried to reinforce this when I taught 
> If this stylesheet for stylesheets sounds like it might be helpful, it 
> is called XSLStyle and it is available as a free resource on our web 
> site:
>   http://www.CraneSoftwrights.com/resources/xslstyle/
> Once I honed it I used it for *every* client project and I believe it 
> helped me create robust work.  Every project was also fully documented 
> along the way and when the development was done, not treated as a 
> separate project after the fact.
> I hope this is helpful.
> . . . . . . . . . Ken
> At 2015-12-08 17:14 +0100,  wrote:
>> Hello,
>> is there a way to automate a XSL documentation generation  - ideally 
>> from a maven project.. ? Is there an entry in Oxygen API to generate 
>> such a documentation that a maven plugin - or any other tool - could 
>> reuse ?
>> Well, the purpose is to generate a xsl-library documentation from 
>> continuous integration, so it can be done in a jenkins plugin (which 
>> is simpler than in a maven plugin).
>> Any hint ?
>> Best regards,
>> Christophe
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