[oXygen-user] Any way to control output of Schematron validation?

Imsieke, Gerrit, le-tex
Tue Dec 8 02:51:06 CST 2015

We’d like to use that option, too. We are also using allow-foreign, and
we generate some HTML markup in the messages that we render in HTML
reports. But for debugging purposes and for Schematron reuse we’d like
to be able to see the rich messages as plain text in oXygen.

On 08.12.2015 09:43, Oxygen XML Editor Support (Octavian Nadolu) wrote:
> Hello,
> This is the default behavior of the Schematron assert/report messages.
> If the "allow-foreign" option is set for Schematron validation, then all
> elements from the Schematron assert/report message will be copied in the
> output using the "xsl:copy-of" instruction. This will generate all the
> elements in the output with the namespaces from the context. You can
> change "allow-foreign" option from the "XML/XML Parser/Schematron"
> options page.
> If the "allow-foreign" option is not set, then you will not be allowed
> to add other elements in the Schematron assert/report message, but I
> think that you want those elements in the output.
> We do not have an option to generate the assert/report messages as text
> values. I added an issue on our issue taker to analyze this problem and
> maybe generate the elements from the Schematron message without the
> namespace declarations. We will notify you when this will be fixed.
> Best Regards,
> Octavian

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