[oXygen-user] Feature request: Improvement of Japanese search for WebHelp

T. Hatanaka
Thu Apr 30 08:13:00 CDT 2015


I tried it out and found the indexed terms improved as expected.
Also confirmed that the user dictionary was loaded, which prevented the critical words from being missed.

A simple but rather critical issue in the user experience at this moment:
nwSearchFnt.js expects 3 or more characters, while the Japanese words usually consist of 2 or more characters.
As a quick fix for testing purposes, I reduced the following threshold to 1 when indexerLanguage=='ja'.

>             if (finalArray[x].length > 2 || useCJKTokenizing){

>     if (word.length > 2) {

There are a few other minor things that could be improved; I'll report them in due course.
The experience as a whole is very promising. Thank you so much!

T. Hatanaka

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Please test the search in WebHelp pages Japanese content with the 
following Oxygen 17.0 beta build:


You have to set the Japanese language in your DITA map (by adding the 
xml:lang="ja-jp" parameter) or in the args.default.language parameter 
and also follow the instructions at the end of the listing with DITA 
transformation output messages for adding the Kuromoji analyzer runtime 
file. After you add the runtime file the DITA transformation will detect 
it and call it to index the Japanese content.

The search terms should be separated by spaces as in European languages 
but I think you already know that better than us because you are the one 
who suggested we can assume that for a Japanese search string entered in 
a web page.

A Japanese user dictionary for the Kuromoji analyzer is optional and can 
be set in the webhelp.search.japanese.dictionary parameter.

Best regards,

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On 4/30/2015 8:47 AM, T. Hatanaka wrote:
> Super!
> It'll be a great bonus to 17.0 whose beta itself is already amazing.
> I'll definitely test it out as soon as released.
> If I can help in any way at this moment, please let me know.
> Thanks,
> T. Hatanaka
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> Hi,
> We implemented indexing of Japanese content in the WebHelp pages with
> the Kuromoji analyzer. It will go in the upcoming Oxygen 17.0 release.
> The Kuromoji analyzer will not be included in the Oxygen install kit,
> but a detailed INFO message in the DITA transformation console view will
> tell you where you can download the analyzer runtime file and where you
> have to copy it in the Oxygen install directory in order to enable
> indexing of Japanese content.
> Also a new parameter was added in the transformation for setting a user
> dictionary to the Kuromoji analyzer. It is an optional parameter, so the
> search results should be greatly improved on Japanese content even
> without setting a user dictionary.
> Regards,
> Sorin
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> On 4/17/2015 2:34 PM, T. Hatanaka wrote:
>> Thank you for hearing.
>> Analyzer + user dic will be a huge plus in the relevant cultural area like us.
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