[oXygen-user] updated framework not used in conversion

Lou Burnard
Wed Apr 29 09:54:22 CDT 2015

Thanks Radu, that's very helpful. In fact, I had edited this 
transformation scenario, though not in the way it was referencing the 
ANT build file. I was working on a copy of the framework's default DOCX 
TEI scenario, which was looking for the ANT build file in ${frameworks}

I note your comment below about ${frameworkDir} but this does not appear 
on the available list of editor variables; the default seems to be 
${baseframeworkdir} : is that a synonym?

    On 29/04/15 13:43, Oxygen XML Editor Support (Radu Coravu) wrote:
> Hi Lou,
> You should try to edit the transformation scenario and see how it 
> references the ANT build file. Ideally it would refer to it using a 
> special editor variable which locates the latest TEI P5 installed 
> framework like:
>> ${frameworkDir(TEI P5)}/xml/tei/stylesheet/docx/build-to.xml
> If the transformation scenario is shown as read-only (and thus it's 
> defined at framework level) you can find the "TEI P5" document type 
> installed as an add-on in the "Document Type Association" preferences 
> page and you can edit the scenario in the "Transformation" tab.
> All transformation scenarios defined at framework level should refer 
> to various resources using the "${frameworkDir}" editor variable in 
> order to be portable and self contained.
> Regards,
> Radu

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