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oXygen XML Editor Support (Costin Sandoi)
Tue Apr 14 02:48:49 CDT 2015

Hi Scott,

What version/build of oXygen XML are you using?

The "FO PDF" transformation scenario comes as a predefined scenario in 
oXygen for Formatting Objects documents and we are not aware of this 
missing from the scenario list in the latest version available.

Therefore, after opening the .fo document, please go into the 
transformation scenario configuration dialog (either from oXygen menu 
Document > Transformation > Configure Transformation scenario(s), or by 
the corresponding shortcut in the toolbar) and check if the "FO PDF" 
scenario appears in the list.

If it does not, you should check if you have the "FO" document type 
association (which comes preconfigured in oXygen) enabled. For that, 
please go into the Options menu to Preferences > Document Type 
Association and check if you have "FO" in the frameworks list and that 
is enabled.
Also, let us know if you are using custom frameworks, from a location 
different by the default one in oXygen. If you do, you should also check 
that you have an "FO" document type properly configured in your frameworks.
To determine if you are using the default or a custom location of the 
frameworks, you should take a look in menu Options > Preferences > 
Document Type Association > Locations.

Please note that there is an "Information" view available in oXygen, 
which presents information about the document type used when a specific 
document is opened. You can access this view from menu Window > Show 
View > Information. Please enable the view, then open your .fo document 
in oXygen and note what the Information view logs.
Among other information, after opening the .fo document, you should be 
able to find  in the Information view 2 lines, regarding the document 
type association used. Those should look similar to:
"[hh:mm:ss] - DocumentType changed for file: file:/location_of_your_file.fo
DocumentType: FO - path_to_the_used_framework.framework"

If you still encounter further issues and are willing to help us 
determine what triggers this at your side, please send us a screenshot 
from the "Document Type Association" preferences page, as well as a 
sample document for which you can not find the "FO PDF" transformation 
scenario in oXygen and the 2 lines extracted from the Information view I 
just mentioned.
You should send the files on our support email address.

Thank you and regards,

*/Costin Sandoi/*
oXygen XML Editor and Author Support

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On 4/13/2015 10:07 PM, scott ashmead wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to generate a PDF from an .fo file. When I open the .fo file 
> in Oxygen, I thought I would see a "FO PDF" transform scenario, but I 
> don't see it. Is there a properties setting that controls this?
> Thank you,
> Scott
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