[oXygen-user] XPath keywords

Nico Kutscherauer
Thu Apr 2 01:58:22 CDT 2015

Dear oXygen team,

This popped up today and I thought it would be cool if you could implement
it (maybe in v17.1, if it is to much for v17):

It would be nice if the XPath auto completion would know the following
keywords and operators:

   - except
   - intersect
   - union
   - some
   - every
   - in*
   - satisfies*
   - if
   - then*
   - else*
   - for
   - return*
   - or
   - and
   - instance of
   - castable as

...did I missed one?

*depending on the required keywords before

Best Regards and thanks for v17 beta!
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