[oXygen-user] Format & Indent multiple files?

Roger Sheen
Sat Nov 22 12:00:50 CST 2014

I know this has been requested before, so I’m curious to hear whether 
a future oXygen version might include the ability to Format & Indent 
multiple files at once--perhaps via a context menu item in Project View?

Until then, I’m looking for a way to batch format & indent multiple 
files & limit line width to a maximum value. It seems `xmllint --format` 
doesn’t provide a line width option.

The context menu in Project View suggests I could apply a transformation 
scenario to a folder. Could this be used to achieve the same result, 
perhaps through some use of the saxon:line-length and 
saxon:indent-spaces options?

Or is there a command I could run on the command line that would 
approximate the results of oXygen’s Format & Indent feature?



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