[oXygen-user] Transforming without Entity placeholders

Oxygen XML Editor Support (Sorin Ristache)
Wed Nov 19 04:28:35 CST 2014

Hello Sascha,

Do you mean to replace the references to any entity declared in the 
DocBook 4 DTD or in the DOCTYPE declaration of the XML file, for example 
ä with the entity value, which is the ä character in this example? 
I think passing each DocBook XML chapter file through a simple XSLT copy 
transform will be enough to expand the entity references and replace 
them with the entity values. Did you try the copy.xsl stylesheet located 
in the following directory?


Best regards,

<oXygen/> XML Editor


Sascha Manns wrote:
> Hello list,
> i have some XML files from a DocBook handbook project. The files are 
> chunked into different chapter files. Now i would like to transform each 
> chapter file that it outputs the same docbook code but with solved 
> entity solution. So the result should be a clean DocBook file without 
> entity placeholders.
> Has anyone done this already?
> Greetings
> Sascha

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