[oXygen-user] never mind on the ant build script question

Oxygen XML Editor Support (Sorin Ristache)
Tue Nov 18 02:58:13 CST 2014

Hi Tom,

What ANT target did you run? The default target in the 
DITA-OT/plugins/h2d/build.xml file is "html2dita" which calls the 
"clean-temp" target which should remove the temp directory after the 
HTML to DITA conversion. Did you get errors in the Terminal console for 
the delete call in the "clean-temp" target? Or maybe you did not call 
the "html2dita" target from the Terminal?

Best regards,

<oXygen/> XML Editor


Tom Johnson wrote:
> Never mind on the ant build script question. My temp folder didn't get 
> deleted, so the script was only processing the files there. 
> Tom

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