[oXygen-user] get an ID on a page?

Tom Johnson
Mon Nov 10 14:10:05 CST 2014

Is there any way to get an ID on a page using DITA and transforming with
the DITA OT? For example, I want to add something like this:

<p id="toc"/>

Even if I hack the Oxygen source to allow IDs to pass through, as I
described here (
http://idratherbewriting.com/wpdita/toc_publishing/jquery_side_panel/), the
ID gets prepended with the topic ID. This makes it difficult to trigger the
jQuery script, which has a trigger of #toc. Each page's p id will change
based on the page's topic ID.

I tried using a class with the jquery plugin instead, but it doesn't seem
to work. This is the TOC plugin:


blog: idratherbewriting.com
twitter: tomjohnson
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