Mary Anthony
Mon Nov 3 18:37:47 CST 2014


I am using Oxygen 16.1 we use the Webhelp plugin to create help for our
product and documentation on our public website.  The look and feel of the
help versus the public website is very different. In the help we use the
standard search that comes with the plugin but on the website we will be
using our website search.

To transform our source using the Webhelp with Feedback.  I'd like to use a
<xsl:if> to test whether the generation is for Webhelp or Webhelp with
feedback.  The problem is I can't see to find a parameter to test against.

I tried using IS_FEEDBACK_ENABLED but it depends on WEBHELP_PRODUCT_ID and
that returns and error: *Variable WEBHELP_PRODUCT_ID has not been declared
(or its declaration is not in scope)*

Anyone know of a parameter or variable that will work as a test?  (I could
also use the editor variables if someone could give me an examples of
accessing one from within an XSL stylesheet)


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