[oXygen-user] Adding company-specific words to the dictionary for a team

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Mon Oct 28 10:27:36 CDT 2013

Hi Robert,

For Eclipse you can specify a custom location of additional dictionaries 
and/or learned words in Window > Preferences, <oXygen/> > Editor  > 
Spell Check > Dictionaries.

By default Oxygen keeps both dictionaries and learned words in the 
'spell' folder from the options folder ('com.oxygenxml') located in the 
user home folder:
- Windows XP - [user-home-folder]\Application Data\com.oxygenxml\spell
- Windows Vista/7 - [user-home-folder]\AppData\Roaming\com.oxygenxml\spell
- Mac OS X - [user-home-folder]/Library/Preferences/com.oxygenxml/spell
- Linux - [user-home-folder]/.com.oxygenxml/spell

Let us know if you need additional assistance.


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On 25.10.2013 23:29, Echlin, Robert wrote:
> Hi
> I want to add a set of company-specific words to our English 
> dictionaries for all the members of our team.
> I want to share them with everyone, and allow anyone to update them, 
> possibly using SVN or Git for sharing the files, preferably using 
> Ixiasoft DITA CMS to share them.
> We are using the Eclipse version of oXygen.
> What files do I need to share?
> I probably need to ask Ixiasoft how to go about sharing them most easily.
> Thanks,
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