[oXygen-user] authormode css, first-child pseudo class

Andreas Wagner Andreas.Wagner at em.uni-frankfurt.de
Mon Oct 28 09:17:41 CDT 2013

Dear list,

I am currently putting together a framework for our (TEI-xml) project.  
In this project, we are dealing with texts where every new line is  
marked by a <lb/> tag. With an author mode css stylesheet, I am  
reflecting this with a linebreak '\A' and a newline char ('?')  
inserted via the lb:before pseudo-class.
Now I would like to suppress this mechanism for the first occurrence  
in a containing <p>, <head> or <item> element and have it executed  
only for the second and subsequent line beginnings.

Without success, I have tried various things like this one:

p lb:before, item lb:before, head lb:before{
   content:"\A? ";
p:first-child:before, item:first-child:before, head:first-child:before{
   content:"? ";

The suppression part mentioned above does not work. Can anyone shed  
some light on this, please?

Thank you and best regards,


PS. Here is a sample document:

<TEI xmlns="http://www.tei-c.org/ns/1.0">
             <p>Publication Information</p>
             <p>Information about the source</p>
                <lb/>CAPUT I.</head>
                   <lb/>De intentione et partitione huius libri.</head>
                   <lb/>Declaratur intentio operis, ut haec pars Theolo<lb
                   break="no"/>giae practicae sit de fine hominis, et  
de medijs ne<lb

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