[oXygen-user] Preview of Illustrator EPS graphics in oXygen

Yves Barbion yves.barbion at gmail.com
Fri Oct 25 07:28:42 CDT 2013

Hi group

I've got Illustrator EPS graphics in my DITA topics.

I followed the instructions in this Help topic to install the Java Advanced
Imaging(JAI) Image I/O Tools plug-in:


However, I don't see a preview yet, even though my EPS file does have an
8-bit TIFF preview.

My java.runtime.name is "Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment", so I downloaded

And I installed it in the folder which is specified in my java.home,
namely: c:\program files\oxygen xml editor 15.1\jre

Any ideas?


Yves Barbion
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