[oXygen-user] Antwort: Re: Link xslt output messages to xml document

Patrik.Stellmann at gdv-dl.de Patrik.Stellmann at gdv-dl.de
Tue May 28 04:56:39 CDT 2013

Hi George,

thanks for the hint for schematron + xslt. It will probably work for most 
of my cases. 

However, this doesn't seem to work for schematron included into xsd. Here 
is what I tried:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <xs:include schemaLocation="gdvdl-generic-book.xsd"/>
        <xs:include schemaLocation="gdvdl-generic-topic.xsd"/>
        <xs:include schemaLocation="gdvdl-generic-inline.xsd"/>
                        <sch:ns prefix="gdvdl" uri="http://www.gdv-dl.de"
                        <xsl:function name="gdvdl:test" as="xs:boolean">
                                <xsl:param name="Input" as="xs:string"/>
                                <xsl:sequence select=
"string-length($Input) = 3"/>
                                <rule context="title" role="warn">
                                        <assert test="gdvdl:test(.)">The 
title should contain exactly 3 characters.</assert>
                                <rule context="title" role="warn">
                                        <assert test="string-length(.) = 
4">The title should contain exactly 4 characters.</assert>
        <xs:element name="book" type="bookType"/>
        <xs:element name="chapter" type="chapterType"/>

The first rule produces an error:
        Cannot find a matching 1-argument function named {
So I have to extract the more complex schematron-rules (those using xslt) 
into a separate schematron file? (Just curious. This would be no problem.)

The enhancement request sounds great.
Just an idea: A less comfortable but easier (=sooner?) to implement 
alternative might be to parse the xsl output messages the same way you 
already parse the output of an external validator!?



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Hi Patrick,

oXygen's Schematron implementation is based on Skeleton and it allows 
adding XSLT functions/named templates in your Schematron file and these 
will be copied to the XSLT that represents the compiled Schematron, thus 
you can call them from your checks. You need to enable 
Options->Preferences -- XML / XML Parser / Schematron -- "Allow foreign 
elements" to enable this functionality. You may want to explore if this 
is enough to implement your checks in Schematron.

We have an enhancement request logged on our issue tracking systenm to 
define an XML language that should be interpreted by oXygen as a list of 
results and displayed in the results area like we currently show the 
list of errors. If this will be generated by an XSLT stylesheet then we 
will show the list of problems instead of the actual XML. But this is 
not available now...

Though the XSLT message output you cannot do much I am afraid... you may 
generate an XPath expression that matches the node with the problem and 
put that in the message, then you can copy that and paste it in the 
XPath evaluation window to select that node.

Best Regards,
George Cristian Bina
<oXygen/> XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

On 5/28/13 8:56 AM, Patrik.Stellmann at gdv-dl.de wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to have my xslt output messages being linked to a node of
> the processed xml document rather then to the xslt script - preferably
> even with a differentiation between warnings and errors.
> (The use-case is that my transformation scenario can detect several
> errors in the processed document that can hardly be covered by
> schema/schematron. So the author should be able to easily jump to the
> position in the document to fix it.)
> I already managed to create a custom validation by calling saxon and
> passing the xslt script as argument. However, this is pretty slow and
> doesn't feel being the right way.
> Thanks for any hints.
> Patrik Stellmann
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