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Tue May 21 07:22:43 CDT 2013

Hello Jakob,

Currently Oxygen doesn't have this level of content completion support 
for ANT build files. It treats them as plain XML.
The ANT editor from Eclipse has content completion for variables/parameters.

The ANT validation from Oxygen uses an incomplete DTD, so it will report 
some errors when there really aren't any. Replacing/updating the ANT 
version from Oxygen won't change this. Oxygen v14.2 bundles Apache ANT 
1.8.2. You can see the versions of all Oxygen libraries/components in 
Help > About, Libraries.

We have on our issue tracking tool a request logged for improving ANT 
build file support for editing and validation. I've added your vote.


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Jakob Fix wrote:
> Hello,
> years ago, I think, I was able to do automatic variable completion in 
> ant files, ${basedir} and friends. I had the impression that this was 
> possible in Oxygen (or was it Eclipes?).
> Today, this doesn't seem to work anymore, or is there a specific 
> option to activate it? Oxygen seems to automatically recognise when I 
> write a new build.xml file that it's an ant file. But variables aren't 
> auto-completable and some element and attribute names are not valid 
> according to Oxygen. I would guess that maybe the ant version 
> distributed with Oxygen is not the latest one? How can I find out 
> which version of ant is used, and how can I update it?
> Thanks,
> Jakob.
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