[oXygen-user] Smart pasting in Oxygen

Sorin Ristache sorin at sync.ro
Mon May 20 01:26:37 CDT 2013


The focus of the smart paste is to preserve the meaning of the markup 
from the copied fragment. The number of spaces may not be preserved 
exactly as in the source document but at least one space should remain 
after pasting in Oxygen Author mode in the places where one or more 
spaces were present in the source MS Word document.

Please can you give one or two examples of the source fragment of MS 
Word document and the result of the smart paste action? If you can send 
a sample MS Word document that would be great.

Thank you for reporting the problem,


Claudio Tubertini wrote:
> I usually use such a great tool but in the last weeks, after installing 
> the MS word 2011 I started to experience a few problems in pasting white 
> spaces. A few are added where they shouldn't, others lack where they 
> have to be. It's just me or something new happened?
> Claudio Tubertini

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