[oXygen-user] [Ann] New maintenance build available for oXygen 14.2 (2013051016)

Oxygen XML Editor Support support at oxygenxml.com
Tue May 14 02:54:26 CDT 2013


Before you upgrade your current installation, if you have added files or 
made changes to any of the files from the Oxygen installation folder 
(especially the frameworks folder), you may want to create a backup of 
them because they will be overwritten during the upgrade procedure. 
Added files and custom frameworks will be preserved but we recommend 
backing them up anyway, just to be safe.

The Oxygen preferences (options and scenarios) will be preserved since 
they are located elsewhere (user home folder).

Let us know if you need further assistance.


Adrian Buza
oXygen XML Editor and Author Support

Tel: +1-650-352-1250 ext.202
Fax: +40-251-461482
support at oxygenxml.com

Yves Barbion wrote:
> Hi group
> When I install this build, I get a message saying that the previous 
> version will be uninstalled, including XSLT stylesheets, XML catalogs 
> and templates. I am currently using version 14.2, build 2013030817. I 
> know where my templates are saved, so I can back up and restore them, 
> but I also have quite a lot of (DITA) transformation scenarios with 
> "storage=project options" which I want to keep, but I have no idea 
> where these are saved and whether these will be removed or not.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks
> -- 
> Yves Barbion
> www.scripto.nu <http://www.scripto.nu>

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