[oXygen-user] Unable to get DITA Docs to Validate: Can't Figure out Why Not

Eliot Kimber ekimber at rsicms.com
Tue May 7 11:09:34 CDT 2013

I'm helping a colleague set up an Oxygen environment. For reasons I can't
determine, it is failing to resolve any DITA-related DTDs.

I did find that the master frameworks catalog did not have a reference to
the frameworks/dita/catalog.xml. I added that reference, verified that it
was correct and that it eventually got me to the catalog-dita.xml catalog,
but even after restarting Oxygen, it is still unable to validate any DITA

I compared the various catalog-related settings to my own environment and
couldn't see any obvious differences.

Any idea what I might have overlooked? It appears that when Oxygen was
initially installed DITA was not selected as a framework, but all the
DITA-related settings appear to otherwise be in place.

Other than the entry in the master catalog, is there some other setting I
might have overlooked?



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