[oXygen-user] relax ng conversion to xsd 1.1

Robert Leif rleif at rleif.com
Wed May 1 21:27:43 CDT 2013

It would greatly help the XML community, if the oXygen and other companies'
NVDL, Schematron and other schemas, which were not written in XSD be
converted to XSD1.1. XHTML5 cannot be properly implemented until it has an
XSD1.1 schema. I use XSD1.1 because it has many advantages over XSD1.0, such
as: 1) restriction of complexTypes (templates or generics) with the parent
in one schema and the child in a second schema. 2) The ability with an
openContent element to interleave the elements of two schemas with the
elements from each schema being invisible to the other. This means that with
the advent of an XSD1.1 schema that describes xhtml5, we can use standard
elements like <p>, <h1>, <h2> etch that can be formatted with standard CSS
style sheets and included in EPUBs. My goal is to have both the forms and
reports that contain elements from my XML schemas (www.cytometryml.org) be
xhtml5 pages. 3) The availability of assertions, permit the creation of
constraints between datatypes and replaces the need for Schematron.
Unfortunately, the one XSD schema for XHTML5 from www.xmlmind.com presently
does not validate.
Prior to the development of a complete translation program, the creation of
a partial translator that works where there is a one to one relationship
between XSD1.1 and the other schema language could still be used to expedite
the process.
Bob Leif

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Hi Tara,

I have not seen any work in that direction.
As you probably know Trang is available on Google code at
James Clark is the project owner, I am a committer on the project as I made
the NVDL implementation, initially as a Jing fork called oNVDL and then I
merged that into Jing. I think that everyone will welcome a conversion to
XML Schema 1.1 if you can contribute that to the project.

Best Regards,
George Cristian Bina
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On 4/30/13 8:28 PM, Tara Athan wrote:
> I am interested in converting Relax NG to XSD 1.1. Any 
> progress/prospects for this?
> I might be interested in assisting with the Trang development for this.
> Regards, Tara
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