[oXygen-user] content completion not working for idref with XIncludes

Bob Stayton bobs at sagehill.net
Wed May 1 17:59:14 CDT 2013

I'm trying to create a set of modular documents using XInclude to assemble 
them (using a custom XSD).  During editing, it is vital that IDREFs resolve 
to an ID value to ensure data integrity.  To make that easier, I want 
Content Completion to work when inserting an attribute value of type IDREF. 
I have followed the directions in Oxygen Help to set this up.  I am able to 
validate each module individually and the master file, regardless of where 
the id values reside, showing that the ID values are available during the 
validation step.  But I cannot get the Content Completion to work for the 
IDREFs.  When I enter an attribute of type IDREF and hit Ctrl-Space, there 
is no list, not even ID values from the current module.


Oxygen 14.2
Text mode
Custom xsd schema using xs:ID and xs:IDREF attribute types.
Enabled Master File Support for the project.
Project set up with top-level file listed under Master Files in the Project 
Validation scenario created and assigned to all files has its "URL of the 
file to validate" set to the Master file.

What's missing that allows the IDs be validated but the Content Completion 
fail to work?

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises
bobs at sagehill.net 

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