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Note that in the Settings from the "XML Schema Documentation" dialog 
there is an option "Escape XML content" nested under the "Annotations" 
option. When enabled (it is by default) this option causes the tags 
themselves from the annotation to show up in the output. So, disable it.

Having said that, for XML Schema there is currently no common styling 
format supported for both HTML and PDF output.
If you use HTML tags, they work correctly in the HTML output, but not in 
the PDF output.
If you use DocBook 5 tags (namespace is required), they are correctly 
interpreted in the PDF output, but not in the HTML output.

I've submitted a feature request to investigate the support for a common 
tag format for all output formats in a future version of Oxygen 
(probably for DocBook 5 tags).

Alternative solutions:
- use DocBook tags in annotations. However, for HTML, instead of using 
directly the HTML output format, you can use the DocBook output and then 
manually transform the DocBook result into HTML. This loses the option 
of splitting the output into multiple HTML files (by 
namespace/location/component) and may also require some additional tweaking.
- use DocBook tags in annotations and for HTML use the Custom output 
format. This requires some additional customization of the HTML 
stylesheets from: 
Oxygen/frameworks/schema_documentation/xsl/xsdDocHtml.xsl to transform 
the DocBook tags to their HTML counterparts. Then in the Options of the 
Custom output you can specify the customized stylesheet.


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Florent Georges wrote:
>   Hi,
>   When using the action "Tools > Generate Documentation > XML Schema
> Documentation", what is supposed to be in xs:documentation?  If I put
> any element in there (e.g. in HTML or DocBook namespace), they are
> included verbatim within the PDF output (I mean, the tags themselves
> show up in the PDF).
>   Does it support only text?  Is there any equivalent to the namespace
> http://www.oxygenxml.com/ns/doc/xsl available for XSLT?
>   Regards,

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