[oXygen-user] Question about Author content-completion behavior

Stefan Vasile stefan at oxygenxml.com
Tue Mar 12 09:48:53 CDT 2013


Editing some Docbook documents lately, I spot a content-completion 
behavior I would like to discuss with you. Let's take for example a 
Docbook article that has some sect1 and sect2 inner sections. If I start 
adding some content (using para) inside sect1 and after that I decided 
to enter a new sect2 after the first para, as below:


at point *, the Author content-completion will not show the sect2 
proposal because if such element is introduced it will trigger a 
validation error (para is not a valid element after a sect2). Do you 
think is reasonable to hide such elements from content completion at 
that point because it will then trigger a validation error or it is 
better to show such element (and possible allow it to be introduced) 
even if it will trigger a validation error for the next para element?

Another example is a sect1 that (according to schema) can only have one 
title element
Should Oxygen content-completion show title proposal at point * or not?

The current approach is to hide such proposals in Author view if the 
Author/Schema Aware Editing option is on. The option is set by default 
to be on and as a consequence this is probably what most users 
experience during their work.

Any feedback is welcome.

Thank you,
Stefan Vasile

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