[oXygen-user] Very minor complaint: @format set on maprefs when defaulted by topicref

Eliot Kimber ekimber at rsicms.com
Sun Jan 27 10:03:53 CST 2013

When you create a topicref to a map using the "Create reference" facility in
the Map Manager, the dialog automatically sets the @format value to
"ditamap", which is, of course, required if you're using a generic topicref.

However, if you then replace the generic topicref type with any form of map
reference (e.g., <mapref>), the @format value continues to be set and will
be set in the instance, even though it's now redundant with the default
value set by the topicref element.

It would be ideal if the system could detect that @format has the
appropriate default value and unset the selection in the dialog so that
unnecessary attributes are not set in the map.



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