[oXygen-user] Map Managed Icons for Map References

Eliot Kimber ekimber at rsicms.com
Sun Jan 27 08:20:17 CST 2013

I'm going through the exercise of creating training materials. I'm using
submaps to organize sessions and modules so I'm creating maps with lots of
map references.

One thing I'm noticing is that the icon for a map reference is the same as
the icon for the map, which leads to kind of odd results in the map manager.

I know that all the components have to be reflected in the tree: the map
reference, the referenced map, and the map's child topicrefs, so there's no
getting around what, conceptually, are redundant levels in the tree
(relative to what will actually show up in the final table of contents).

However, I think it might be clearer in the map manager if the map reference
icon was distinguished from the map icon.

Part of the oddness of the map manager view is that the when the submap has
a title, which all of mine do, then the map reference node and the map node
both reflect the same title, so you get:

mapref: -> Module: My Module Title
map:    ---> Module: My Module Title
Topicref------> My Module Title

Where the title of the first topicref is often the same as or very similar
to the map title (in my case, I'm using e.g. "Module: " in the map title for
module maps but not in the title for the actual module root topic, so the
map title and root topicref title differ only by "Module: ").



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